Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Watch the moving sediment in a bottle gutter

Try this extension idea to an earlier ELI - 'Moving sediment in an even smaller bottle gutter; using cut-off plastic bottles as ‘stream tables’ so that all pupils can take part'.
You can see nearly all the sediment movement visible in the ‘Mighty river in a small gutter’ Earthlearningidea activity at the scale of a cut off 2 litre bottle. The advantage of using cut-off bottles is that all groups in the class can carry out the activity at the same time.
Sediment movement seen:
- Erosion hollow where the water is poured in
- Transportation of the sand down the bottle (by rolling, sliding and jumping grains)
- Deposition of sand in the pool at the bottom – in a small micro- delta
(High energy flow = erosion; moderate energy
flow = transportation; lower energy flow = deposition)

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