Monday 27 September 2010

New ELI+ - Volcano in the lab

Try modelling igneous processes using wax and sand with our latest Earthlearningidea - 'Volcano in the lab'
This activity models the rise of magma through the 'crust'. Some of it erupts on the surface representing a lava flow whilst some sets within the water mass representing igneous intrusions. Now you really can see what the plumbing system of a volcano looks like!
This is one of many Earthlearningideas relating to volcanic eruptions - click on the Keyword Index on our website to find more.

Monday 20 September 2010

More landslides

We have added Dave's Landslide blog to our extension ideas for the Earthlearningidea 'Landslide through the window - what would you see,what would you feel?' This is a blog which gives you all the latest information about worldwide landslides. There are many photos and video clips.
This is one of many activities in our Natural Hazards category.

Monday 13 September 2010

Plate tectonics through the window

If you were at a plate margin that was very active, what might you see? What might you hear? What might you sense? What might you feel? Our latest Earthlearningidea 'Plate tectonics through the window' considers what you might see, feel and sense at all types of plate margins. After completing this activity, pupils will be able to describe and explain geographical and geological features at different types of plate margins and imagine and describe the feelings of people living in these areas, particularly when these are active.
This is one of many plate tectonics activities in our ELI+ series. To find more, go to the Keyword Index on our website.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Update - ELI around the world

The Earthlearningidea team is very pleased to report that, as you can see from the map, we are doing very well in spreading our Earth-related activities around the world; we have now reached 6564 cities! Our 'top ten' countries are USA, UK, Canada, India, Spain, Australia, Italy, Germany, Philippines, Taiwan. The maps of the countries and cities are published at the end of each month on our website.
We hope you enjoyed last week's plate-surfing activity!