Monday 27 September 2010

New ELI+ - Volcano in the lab

Try modelling igneous processes using wax and sand with our latest Earthlearningidea - 'Volcano in the lab'
This activity models the rise of magma through the 'crust'. Some of it erupts on the surface representing a lava flow whilst some sets within the water mass representing igneous intrusions. Now you really can see what the plumbing system of a volcano looks like!
This is one of many Earthlearningideas relating to volcanic eruptions - click on the Keyword Index on our website to find more.

1 comment:

Chaparral Earth said...

What did you use as the lighter couloured material in the middle ? Fine Sand ?

They almost have an appearance of those debated mantle plume structures. Wonder what materials you could have used to create the horizonal actions n the crust.

Very nice overall.

Thanks, Kevin