Monday 26 February 2018

When the youngest rock is not on top of the rock sequence

Today's new ELI is 'Modelling by hand ‘when the youngest rock is not on top’; illustrating how rock sequences can have older rocks on top of younger ones'

While the ‘Principle of superposition of strata’ states that younger rocks are found above older ones, there are certain unusual geological conditions causing older rocks to be found on top of younger ones. Through this activity, pupils can model the unusual geological conditions where the ‘Principle of superposition’ does not apply.
This is one of a series of activities using modelling with your hands. Many activities related to the topics in this ELI can be found on our website.

Monday 19 February 2018

Rock cycle discussion about a sand grain

Have you tried the ELI 'Sand on a sill; what will happen to a sand grain left on a window sill? – a rock cycle discussion'?

This discussion activity has been devised to encourage pupils to think about rock cycle processes in the context of the area outside their own school. By leading the small group discussion using questions such as: ‘What might happen next?’, ‘And then?’ or ‘Can you think of another idea?’, teachers should be able to encourage pupils to consider a range of different processes and products of the rock cycle and how these link to other Earth cycles, as described in the activity.
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You can also take part in the international research project.

Friday 9 February 2018

Earthquakes in art

The new ELI is 'Earthquakes in art: developing a scientific report based on evidence in historic paintings'

For this activity the pupils are divided into groups and told that they are science correspondents developing a news report for a quality newspaper or television or radio broadcast. Give each group a copy of one of the paintings and a list of criteria to consider for their reports.
Many more activities associated with Earthquakes can be found on the Earthlearningidea website. There are also other cross-curricular topics.

Monday 5 February 2018

So, you want to conserve a geodiversity site

'So, you want to conserve a geodiversity site; what could you do if you wanted to conserve a geoscience site?'

This is a planning activity focussed on conserving a site of geoscientific importance. A checklist is provided to develop a plan for conserving a site.
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