Tuesday 25 June 2024

Monday 17 June 2024

How coastlines change shape

'Changing coastlines; investigating how wave erosion, transportation and deposition can change the shapes of coastlines'.

This activity can be used to study the processes of coastal erosion, transportation and deposition. It can also be used to investigate the problems these processes cause and the ways in  which people try to solve those problems.

Many related activities can be found in our Sedimentary processes category.

Monday 10 June 2024

Describing and interpreting photos of mass movement.

 The new ELI today is another in our 'Picturing landforms' series, 'Picturing Landforms – 4: Mass Movement A; visualise and draw landforms from a verbal description'.

This ELI enhances pupils’ skills of description and interpretation using photographs of landforms. They start to notice and be able to explain the landscape around them.

Other activities in the picturing landforms series can be found in Geomorphology on our website.

Monday 3 June 2024