Monday 26 August 2019

Recreating the rocks – step by step

The new ELI today is 'Recreating the rocks – step by step: simulating a dipping sedimentary rock sequence though a sequence of Earthlearningideas'.

This teaching strategy can be carried out in the field in front of a dipping sedimentary sequence or in the classroom with an image of such a sequence on a screen. It helps pupils to understand step by step the creation of the sedimentary rocks they can see.
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Monday 19 August 2019

Developing a strategy for evaluating the environment

'Environmental evaluation; developing a strategy for evaluating the environment'

In this activity, pupils are given a scale to use in environmental evaluation, and then asked to apply this scale to different environmental circumstances, that can range from a local small environment to a panoramic view. The objective of the activity is to develop an evaluative approach to environments of all types, which pupils can apply wherever they are in the future.
Many other activities relating to field work and the enironment can be found on our website.

Monday 12 August 2019

The Lego (TM) method of showing weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition

Today's new ELI is another in our ELI Early years series:
'The LegoTM method of showing weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition: using LegoTM bricks to demonstrate sedimentary processes'

The activity for young children demonstrates how different rocks break down at different rates. The sedimentary processes of erosion, transportation and deposition are also explored. It is fun to do but, beware, lots of help will be needed to collect the LegoTM bricks at the end!
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Monday 5 August 2019

Applying ‘the present is the key to the past’

Applying ‘the present is the key to the past’ This is an on outdoor activity to apply the present to the past - using Earth science-thinking in reverse.

This Earthlearningidea is an outdoor-based thought experiment to show how Earth scientists use evidence from rock sequences to understand past environments.
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