Monday 27 September 2021

How to meet future global energy needs

'What is/are the least bad option(s) for plugging the future global energy gap? A discussion on the least-damaging ways to meet world energy needs in the future'

Given that renewable fuel sources will be unable to fulfil all global energy needs for the foreseeable future, this activity encourages pupils to consider which of the alternative sources might plug this energy gap.

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Monday 20 September 2021

The uses of green hydrogen

Today's new Earthlearningidea is the next in our 'net zero' emissions series - 'Green hydrogen used to even out renewable energy supplies? Could ‘green hydrogen’ be the solution to the efficient use of renewable energy?'

This activity involves a discussion of the steps necessary if green hydrogen is to be used to even out future wind-turbine-generated energy supplies.

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Monday 13 September 2021

Geothermal power sources - renewable or not?

'Rock power: geothermal power simulations; modelling geothermal power sources – renewable or not?'


This activity uses a density can filled with gravel to model different forms of geothermal power sources. ‘Hydrothermal power’ can be extracted renewably, if heat is removed at a slower rate than it is accumulating from the heat source below. However, most hydrothermal power stations extract heat more quickly than it is accumulated, so they only have a finite life and will eventually close. In these cases, heat is being extracted at non-renewable rates.

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Monday 6 September 2021

An investigation into ground source heat pumps - helping to reach the 'net zero' emissions target

How can we reach our net zero emissions target? The next in our series of 'net zeros' is 'Heat from the Earth; investigating ground source heat pumps'.

Governments ‘net-zero’ targets will affect many areas across the world. This Earthlearningidea explores the advantages and disadvantages of ground source heat pump installations. Other mitigation and adaptation measures are discussed in other Earthlearningideas. Search for 'net zero' on our website.