Monday, 9 July 2018

New Smartphone app - Voyages in Deep Time

Voyages in Deep Time is an exciting project which has developed free smartphone apps to encourage people to visit and enjoy learning about their local rocks and landscapes that tell us what our part of the world was like millions of years ago – in deep time!
The app Voyager deeptime is a game taking  the user on a voyage of discovery and survival in ancient environments. It is aimed at young people (ages 10 – 15 years) but can be fun for everyone.

The app can be used either indoors working through the trail for the site and the way points using the images given in the app, or in the field doing the same thing but with the real rocks in font of you.

Teachers:   FREE teacher training day with subsidised travel being offered on Wednesday 22nd August or Saturday 1st September
To book your place, or to find out more, contact Beth Andrews.
The training days take place in Worcestershire.

The Voyager apps all have a lot of geological information about the whole of the geological timescale - a globe at the side changes the configuration of the continents and shows where we were at the time. At any point on the timescale where you stop, there is more detail about that Period.
In addition to this, for the particular stratigraphy that is relevant to the location on the ground where the app is based upon, there are palaeoenvironmental landscape reconstructions plus 'weather forecasts' and images of the plants and beasties of the time.
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