Monday, 3 April 2017

3 million downloads / ELI translations

3 million activity downloads! 

The ELI team is delighted to announce that by the end of March 2017, there have been 3 million activity downloads. We should like to thank all the volunteers involved in this project, especially all of our translators and, of course, all of our users. Hopefully lots of pupils have enjoyed trying out the ideas in Earth science or geography lessons.

To all Educators:
One of our German translators who teaches in a University of Education recommends that other educators follow his example and ask their university students to translate one Earthlearningidea and present it to the other students as part of their course. These translations are then checked and finally added to the website.

Japanese translations
Our Japanese colleagues have added 32 translations to the site; incredible. Many, many thanks.


Rosely, Brazil said...

Congratulations, GeoIdeas with 3 million activities around the world

Anonymous said...

Just "unbelieveablement" great!