Wednesday 1 July 2015

Popular ELI in June - Space survival

A popular ELI in June was 'Space survival: How could we survive a year in a dome? Pupils plan to survive for a year in a sealed dome in a desert'.

What will they take with them? They can order whatever they want but think about the following questions:-
• What are you going to breathe?
• What are you going to drink? How will you collect fresh water?
• What are you going to eat? Will you be vegetarian? If not, how will you get meat?
• What is your likely water/oxygen/food consumption per day?
• How will you dispose of waste?
• What energy source will you use? How will you use it?
• How will you produce power?
• How will you control temperature?
• What will your medical requirements be?
• What are you going to do when you get there? Who will do which jobs?
• What else will you need to consider?
Pupils soon discover that they need to know the water, carbon and nitrogen cycles and how to manage people!
This is an excellent end-of-term activity.
Many more ideas can be found on our website.

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