Monday, 4 November 2013

James Hutton or 'Mr. Rock Cycle'

 Hutton's famous unconformity at Siccar Point, Scotland

James Hutton - or 'Mr. Rock Cycle'? This Earthlearningidea involves thinking towards the rock cycle, the Hutton way. Try thinking like James Hutton in the 1700s. Remember that, at that time, most people thought that the oldest rock on Earth was granite, which had crystallised from an early ocean, and all other rocks lay on top; the Earth had formed like this, just 6000 years ago.
The activity provides pupils with a series of questions and answers that attempt to outline the possible thoughts of James Hutton as he developed his ideas in the context of what we now call the rock cycle.
This is one of many ELIs about famous scientists who contributed to our knowledge of the Earth.

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