Tuesday 25 December 2012

Unpredictability of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Well . . .  in this ELI, not exactly earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; rather, party poppers. We have added further extension material to the activity 'Party time for volcanoes!'
The total number of experimental runs (i.e. popped party poppers) aggregated over two large events (and a few smaller ones in between) is now 286. The arithmetic mean mass required to pop is 1.29kg. You may remember that last year one visitor achieved an unconfirmed 'world record' of 3.5kg - freakishly high as nobody else exceeded 2.3kg and, interestingly, this was mirrored last week - there was one instance of 3.4kg, with the next highest value being 2.1kg.
Thank you to the British Geological Survey for these data.
This is the time of year to try out this activity!
Season's greetings from the Earthlearningidea team.

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