Monday, 8 October 2012

Who ate the ammonite? - Jurassic food web

'Who ate the ammonite?' This is our latest new Earthlearningidea. Pupils will probably be familiar with modern-day food chains and food webs but this food web uses fossil evidence from creatures alive in Jurassic times, about 180 million years ago.
This ELI could be included in any lesson which involves discussion about carnivore/herbivore, predator/prey relationships, building food chains/webs, producers/consumers and trophic levels.
It is one of many innovative teaching ideas in ELI's 'Evolution of life' category and one of hundreds of Earthlearningideas.


Chris, Lyme Regis Museum, Dorset, UK said...

You are welcome to use resources on the Lyme Regis Museum website for resources to accompany this activity. Contact us if you need further details.

Earth Learning Idea said...

Thank you Chris. We have put three of your photos in the 'Extension' for this activity, also a link to the Museum website. These photos may be seen by finding the activity 'Who ate the ammonite?' on the 'Evolution of Life' page in the ELI website. You can use 'Search categories' to find it.