Monday, 9 April 2012

Finding igneous intrusions and lava flows on geological maps

Our new ELI this week is 'Opengeoscience 1: igneous intrusions and lavas - opening geological maps to the world'.
Open the British Geological Survey ‘OpenGeoscience’website, click on ‘Maps and spatial data’ and ‘Geology of Britain’ to open the BGS ‘Geology of Britain’ viewer. You can use this to see how geological formations appear on maps and how they affect the shape of the land – and then apply this understanding anywhere in the world.
Try this one - to look at a volcanic vent and lava flow – type ‘Castleton, Derbyshire’ to see the vent or neck of a volcano in red, and a lava flow in pink (as shown in the image above). The snaking view of the lava flow appears like this because it is sandwiched between two layers of limestone on a hillside, shown in turquoise.

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