Monday, 6 February 2012

Dust bowl; investigating wind erosion

Have you tried the ELI 'Dust bowl'? This investigates the effects of different wind strengths and particle size on the erosion, transportation and deposition of sediment by wind. The activity could form part of a lesson looking at the mechanism of sediment movement. It could also lead to an understanding of the
effects of wind erosion in flat, exposed areas and dry climates. Wind erosion and subsequent deposition of the load is an important source of fertile soils in the area of deposition.
You can also find ELIs about the erosion, transportation and deposition of sediment by rivers, the sea and ice on our website.

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Afia, Bangladesh said...

I always visit your update information on Earthlearningidea. All of your subject-based practical demonstrations are very fantastic and effective not only for school children but also for all – graduate and undergraduate geosciences students and even for us also. These types of practical demonstrations on different aspects of geosciences are also effective for non-geoscientists, that is for mass people to make them understandable.
School children are very receptive and learn quickly. These types of practical demonstration will keep deep memories in their minds and these will help them to get good concepts about the subject matters and will also be fruitful for them during carrying out study in higher level of education in geosciences. I am sure that your ideas will encourage many students to build up their carrier in the field of geosciences.
I congratulate you for your dynamic intuitive imagination power.