Monday, 1 June 2009

Darwin's 'big coral atoll idea'

Our new Earthlearningidea is about trying to think like Darwin did to solve the coral atoll mystery. These islands are circular or nearly circular in shape, so what shape are they in three dimensions? Coral reefs are living things that begin growing in shallow water. What must have happened to make a tall column of coral reef? What could have caused the circular shape in the first place? Try this Earthlearningidea to find the answers.
You could try to make your own coral atoll like the one shown in the photo. Please send us your ideas and some photos of your attempts.

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Vanessa said...

Hi!! The write up is very crisp and informative. The photograph attracted me when I was browsing net. First I thought it’s a boiled egg. How fool I am!!! But after reading this I got the whole thing. It’s a good effort by Earthlearningidea.