Wednesday, 17 October 2007

One laptop per child

Just as Earthlearningidea is trying to provide a means of learning and exploration for children with little access to education, so is this initiative - 'One Laptop per Child'

The XO laptops are created expressly for the world's poorest children living in the most remote environments. Files from the machines can be backed up on a 'school server' or via an on-line system provided by Google. Click here for more details.

It seems that the laptops would be able to access Earthlearningidea activities. What a wonderful combination! Does anyone have more information about this please?

Here are some more links to information about these laptops. Click here and here.

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Earth Learning Idea said...

The first official order for these $100 laptops has been placed by the government of Uruguay. 100,000 machines have been bought for schoolchildren aged 6 to 12. A further 300,000 may be purchased to provide a machine for every child in the country by 2009.

If anyone has any contact with teachers in Uruguay, please let the Earthlearningidea team know.