Saturday, 21 July 2007

Earthlearningidea has reached South America

We now have a subscriber from La Plata, Argentina. He is willing to spread our teaching ideas to as many establishments as possible.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I was so happy to receive this invitation today. I got particularly excited when I read the "Earth learnig idea has reached South America" and I found out that a colleague from La Plata signed out! By the way, I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am now teaching at the University of Saskatchewan. I will also certainly use your creative ideas in my first year classes. It will be a lot of fun! I have to figure out, though, how to deal with a huge crowd of 350 students!

Thanks a lot for this opportunity!
Gabriela Mangano

Earth Learning Idea said...

Many thanks for your positive comments Gabriela. The teaching ideas that are being prepared for publication at the moment are really creative, thought-provoking and great fun.

However, we hope you can work out a way to use them with 350 students! Perhaps we should bear this mind when writing new activities?