Monday, 30 November 2015

Which power source?

'Which power source? – solving the crisis in Kiama; searching for all the power sources that could be developed in a mythical country'.
Kiama has a power crisis. It used to get all its power from oil supplied by Turaba, the country next door. But there has been a border dispute in the Barotsi Hills region – and Turaba has cut off all oil supplies.

Ask your pupils to study the map for clues to all the different power sources Kiama might develop instead. Ask them to work in groups to:
• write a list of all the power sources that could be developed;
• put the list of power sources into a table and list the advantages and disadvantages of each (for example some may be renewable, some may be cheaper or easier to develop than others, etc.);
• decide on the four best options and prepare a presentation on why these choices have been made.
After completing the activity, pupils can:
• list a range of potential power resources for a country;
• debate the advantages and disadvantages of each of the power sources;
• decide on the best options and explain their decisions.
Many more activities about power sources can be found on the website.

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