Monday, 16 November 2015

Earthlearningideas in the Amazon

Professor Roberto Greco from the Institute of Geosciences, Campinas State University, Brazil, has sent the following report:-
Earth Learning Idea workhops  have reached the heart of the Amazon forest! In this very special environmental so far from everywhere, where the huge Amazon River crosses the country, how can Earth Science be taught in an interesting, engaging way? We decided to present ELI activities; we found that both teachers and trainee teachers were very enthusiastic about them.
5th to 8th November, II Seminar of Physical Geography of the Amazon was organized by the State University of Amazonia (UEA) and coordinated by Professor Reginaldo  Luiz Fernandes de Souza: the ELI workshop was offered to geography teacher-trainees. The workshop was held on Parintins island. (Parintins is popular with tourists, especially in June when there is a folklore festival.) The day after the workshop the students investigated some field activities and visited some local schools.
Professor Charlei Aparecido da Silva of the Universida de Federal de Grande Dourados, was one of the lecturers of the Seminar, giving an amazing lecture on research techniques in physical geography and climatology. He became very enthusiastic about Earthlearningideas and would like to organize ELI workshops in his university in Mato Grosso do Sul State next year.

9th November, more ELI workshops in another unit of UEA in Manaus, organized by Professor Flávio Wachholz.
ELI workshops about soils and seminars about teaching soils were offered by Professor Roberto Greco and Professor Francisco Ladeira. Professor Regina Celia de Oliveira talked about the educational relevance of field activities.

All the professors are from the University of  Campinas, where the translations of ELI from English to Brazilian-Portuguese take place.
All photos from these workshops may be seen in the Photo Gallery on the website.

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