Monday, 9 November 2015

Erosion - questions you can ask at any rock face

Today's new ELI is 'Question you can ask at any rock face 2: erosion'.
Erosion is ‘The removal of solid material, by gravity, water, wind or ice’ and so is the beginning of transportation. Take your pupils to an area of loose rock beneath a rock face, preferably with water-formed gullies leading away – and ask the questions listed in the activity.
The effects of erosion by gravity are usually clear at any exposure (broken angular fragments or boulders at the base of the rock face) and fans of water-moved material are also common. Eroded fragments can also be found at the bases of most walls too.
Although weathering is distinct from erosion, weathering and erosion usually work together; rocks are weakened by weathering and the weakened material is removed by erosion.
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