Monday, 27 June 2022

The igneous rocks game - visualise and draw igneous rocks from a verbal description

Today our new Earthlearningidea is a very good revision exercise of igneous rocks, 'Picturing igneous rocks – 1; visualise and draw igneous rocks from a verbal description'.

This game enhances pupils’ skills of description and interpretation using photographs of igneous rocks and scenery. It is also great fun and can result in some very strange drawings!

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Monday, 20 June 2022

Fossilise - a game for children

The ELI today is one of our ELI Early years series, 'Fossilise! A game showing how fossils form and survive.'

The game can be played in any science or geography lesson and has cross curricular links with literacy and numeracy.

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Monday, 13 June 2022

Power from wind

The new ELI today is the latest in our 'net zero' emissions target series - 'Farming the wind - through onshore and offshore windfarms; a discussion on the local and national potential of developing wind energy sources'.

In this activity data and perspectives on electricity generation by wind farms are provided to support a debate on their local and national potential.

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Monday, 6 June 2022

Grain of sand on a window sill

Following the ELI 'A world in a grain of sand', the activity today is 'Sand on a sill; what will happen to a sand grain left on a window sill? – a rock cycle discussion'.

This ELI involves a pupil group discussion based on what will happen to a sand grain left on a window sill. This activity has been devised to encourage pupils to think about rock cycle processes in the context of the area outside their own school.

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Monday, 30 May 2022

Investigating a grain of sand

The new Earthlearningidea today is "A world in a grain of sand"; what can a grain of sand tell us about its past?

This ELI is a ‘thought experiment’ on erosion, transportation and deposition. It can be used for all ages, to link studies in science or geography with the medium of literature. There is a video clip to accompany the activity.

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Monday, 16 May 2022

Advances in battery technology

Continuing our 'net zero' emissions series, the new ELI today is 'Nuclear batteries - the future? Investigating advances in battery technology'.

This activity explores the future of battery technology and asks pupils to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear batteries.

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