Monday, 16 April 2018

Use the view from your local area to tune yourself into the local geology

The photo below shows teachers in Morocco trying out the Earthlearningidea 'The view from the site; using the view of the local area to tune yourself into the local geology'

All the ‘lumps and bumps’ of a landscape are either natural or the result of human activity; larger features can only be natural. This activity uses these features as clues to the underlying geology and geological structure.
Many more ideas to carry out in the field can be found on our website.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Ice core evidence for climate change

The new ELI+ today is 'How can the ice core evidence for climate change be explained? An educational opportunity for discussing evidence, hypotheses and possible responses'

This activity gives an opportunity to show how a complex scientific topic can be used in the classroom to show how science depends upon evidence and interpretation.
Other ELIs about climate change can be found in 'Teaching strategies' on the website.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Simple demonstrations for use outside and ELIs for UK exams - 14-16 years

The ELI 'Fieldwork: interactive re-creation' suggests activities using simple transportable apparatus to simulate features in the field.

If geological features seen in the field can be 're-created' (simulated) in front of the exposure where they are found, then pupil understanding will be enhanced. This seems to be effective.
Many more ideas for field work can be found on our website.

Teachers in the UK - Geopix and Earthlearningidea have matched Earthlearningideas with the current GCSE specification.
The chart can be found in 'Teaching strategies' on the website.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Volcanic eruptions in the classroom

The new ELI today is 'Best classroom eruption? Which type of classroom eruption best shows how volcanoes erupt?'

This activity allows pupils to evaluate different types of classroom eruptions to gauge which best shows how volcanic eruptions are triggered.
Many more activities related to volcanoes and eruptions can be found on our website.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Earthlearningidea photo galleries

Recently a member of the ELI team has organised workshops for teachers in Rwanda. They were doing one of the new activities which will be published on our website soon.

We have added the photos to the photo gallery which is now quite extensive.
If you have any photos of Earthlearningideas in action, please send them to us for the gallery. All the activities can be found on the website.

Monday, 12 March 2018

From river sediment to stripey sedimentary rocks

The new ELI today is 'From river sediment to stripey rocks; modelling the build up of different layers of sediment as seen in sedimentary rocks'.

The activity is useful in consolidating knowledge about sediment transport and deposition by rivers. It helps pupils to interpret patterns they see in ancient river sandstones and to understand that the environment is constantly changing. It's also fun to do!
Lots more activities about rivers and their erosion, transportation and deposition can be found on our website by using the search engine or the index.

Monday, 5 March 2018

What questions about weathering might be asked at any rock exposure?

This series of Earthlearningideas suggests questions about geological processes that might be asked when standing with pupils looking at rock in a cliff, road cutting or quarry. The first of the series is about planning for fieldwork and the second is all about weathering.

This activity can be carried out using any exposed surface of rocks, including natural and artificial rock exposures, but also building stones, monuments or gravestones. Manufactured materials such as bricks, tiles and concrete also show the effects of weathering.
Other activities associated with weathering can be found on our website.