Monday, 17 March 2008

Video; A valley in 30 seconds - pulling rocks apart

If you cannot view YouTube videos, then click HERE.

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Melisa said...

This activity is mainly let the student understand edogenetic process , the activity originally design is done by the different sand piles folds, but considered the different color (different color is let student obviously distinguishes different stratification plane) the sand obtain not easily, in addition, the sand finally reconstruction is not convenient, therefore, the activity design replaces by the different color sponge.
This activity may design for the fault introduce the curriculum study front moves, causes the student to study the motive, lets the student understand the hard rock layer also have elastically. If it can melt into actual experiment, the students’ reading must be more efficiency.
Our group believed, such activity design slightly, it will be improvement, and will be the very good teaching source material. The earth science education is not that receives in Taiwan because of the advanced principle educational system in high school. If it can be lively the course content design, and more experiments to let the students obtain the best study effect under the non-pressure condition, that is our anticipated.
Future, it also will be allowed to develop the computer simulation teaching form, letting the teaching change more diversified, this is all our future expect for the
diligently direction.
On the other hand, we have two supplement for this activity:
1. We can think more about using the different source materials to make the difference of this experiment. (If adding on the water effect?)
2. We can challenge to design the geothermy leads to the experiment.