Monday, 3 March 2008

The meeting of the dinosaurs - 100 million years ago

What happened next? The ground near your school is being dug up to build a new football pitch. As the old buildings are removed, the footprints shown on this map are discovered in the rocks below. You know that 100 million years ago, this area was a mudflat on the edge of a lake. Dinosaurs came down to the lake and left their footprints in the mud. The footprints became fossils and are preserved as fossil tracks in the mudstone. What do you think you will see as more of the old buildings are removed? Click HERE to view the activity in English or Spanish.
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Fu-Tai Chuang said...

This is an excellent curriculum for students to learn how to use evidence to reconstruct an ancient environment and the activities of some of the animals.
I had used in my class and my pupils all enjoyed the activities. I translated the questions into Chinese and used learning sheet in stead of discussion in the class.
Although every pupil can write down their predictions about dinosaurs but I forgot that it is necessary to discuss or to exhibit in the class. It is helpful to learn how to evaluate evidences and how to deduce from facts for students if they could discuss in the classroom.

Earth Learning Idea said...

Thank you very much for your comment Fu-tai Chuang. Is it possible for you to send us your Chinese questions so that we can publish them for others? Is there anyone who would be willing to translate some of the activities for us?

Fu-Tai Chuang said...

Yes, it's my pround to send Chinese version of this learning idea. Maybe I can translate some learning ideas into Chinese. But I must confirm whether I have time to do this great work.

Best Wishes

Earthlearningidea team said...

We should be delighted to receive the Chinese version of this activity. Please send it to our email address -
It would be wonderful if you have time to translate more of the activities. We will publish them on our website just as we are doing now in Spanish and Norwegian.