Monday, 28 March 2016

Questions to ask at any rock face about tilted and folded rocks

Our fieldwork series continues with 'Questions for any rock face 7: tilted or folded rocks; what questions about tilting and folding might be asked at any rock exposure?'
Bedded sediments that were originally laid down horizontally, often became tilted as part of the limbs of larger folds; sometimes the folds themselves can be seen in the rock face. Take the pupils to some tilted or folded rocks and ask them the questions provided. They will then be able to:-
- explain how tilted rocks form parts of larger-scale folds;
- work out the directions of the stresses which caused the deformation of the tilted and folded rocks;
- explain how hard rocks may have been deformed in the geological past;
- explain how rock deformation results from enormous stresses – stresses only possible from plate collision.
Lots more activities related to tilted and folded rocks may be found on the ELI website.

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