Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Our new activity is the last in this series of Mapwork from models

Mapwork from models 8 shows the four main types of faults and how these affect the geology of a flat area with a sequence of dipping rocks. The model shows how different sorts of faults can
affect outcrop patterns; in particular, that different sorts of faults can have similar effects on outcrop patterns; here the strike-slip fault and the reverse fault have the same effects and that the movement on thrust faults is likely to be greater than the movement on other sorts of faults.
At the end of these mapwork exercises you will find a progression and spiralling of spatial thinking skills shown by the ELI 'Geological mapwork from scratch' exercises and the 'Geological mapwork from models' exercises.
If you are not doing mapwork at the moment, then there are lots of other innovative ways to teach Earth science on our website

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