Monday, 27 February 2012

Bubble-mania - bubbling clues to magma viscosity and eruptions

Our new Earthlearningidea activity is 'Bubble-mania; the bubbling clues to magma viscosity and eruptions'. Pupils try blowing through straws into two similar-looking liquids, e.g. syrup and yellow-coloured water.
Some pupil responses to this ELI:-
"The bubbles blown into the syrup were really good; huge and gloopy."
"The bubbles make a very satisfying pop and splattering when they finally collapsed."
"It's much more fun blowing into the sticky syrup than into the water and it splattered out of the glass like volcanic bombs."
There are lots more very enjoyable activities associated with volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on our website. Use the 'search activities' or 'search topics' to find them.

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