Monday, 7 April 2008

It's Monday again - another Earthlearningidea

This is one of many video clips on YouTube about how to survive an earthquake. Today we are publishing our latest activity, 'Surviving an earthquake; learn the earthquake drill and increase your chances of survival'. This activity prepares pupils by assessing local hazards and teaching them an earthquake drill to minimise the risks of getting hurt if an earthquake should strike their home or school. Most people are hurt or killed by collapsing buildings, falling broken glass or subsequent fires.
Please tell us what you do in the event of an earthquake; what is your drill? We will publish any experiences your pupils would like to write.


Chienhua Hsiao said...

I am an earth science teacher of senior high school in Taiwan. There are thousands of earthquakes every year in Taiwan. A few are damaging, but most are not even felt. I could provide some information in my class about why we should care about earthquakes in Taiwan, what we should do to be safe and reduce damage, and also what we should know about earthquake basics.
I think this is a good activity for training students how to response when they are facing an earthquake. I like it. But, I also consider it seems more important to plan some steps show how we can be safer by knowing what to do before, during, and after earthquakes. How do you think?

Earthlearningidea said...

Thank you very much Chienhua Hsaio, for your offer to write some extra information on how people can be safer in earthquakes - by knowing about what to do before, during and afterwards. We would welcome your ideas.
There are two ways of doing this:
· either you could write some extra extension work to add to this activity -- if you do this, please send it to us for editing and adding to the activity, or
· near the end of 2008 we will be inviting all our users to write up their own activities using our format. If they are suitable, we
will edit them and will put them on to the website during 2009.

Please let us know which approach you prefer -- and then go ahead and
write something for us!

chienhua hsiao said...

I am more interested to write another extra extension work to add to this activity. But I am very busy recently. For this reason, Maybe I will do that in this summer vocation.