Friday, 25 April 2008

Further thoughts on 'Dig up a dinosaur'

It is good to see that new subscribers are looking back at activities which were posted earlier in the year. We are referring to the new comment on 'Dig up a dinosaur'. A number of comments have been received about this activity; they can all be seen in the Extension ideas.
If you have only just found us, then do please have a look at all the good ideas which have appeared over the last few months. Many subscribers have been able to see the links between the activities and their own country's educational programmes, such as the 5E programme in Taiwan, (mentioned in Extension ideas of Dig up a dinosaur).
Modern pupils are rightly horrified at some of the misdemeanours of past scientists, such as the rival dinosaur "hunters" or the person who carried out the Piltdown Skull "missing link" forgery. We hope that the pupils of today will determine never to do the same.

Perhaps some of our bloggers might care to contribute a story of scientists cooperating, as shown particularly in such achievements as the International Geophysical Year in 1957 and subsequent projects.

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