Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 - International Year of Planet Earth

'Earth science for society' from Geoscientist,Volume 18, January 2008. Eduardo de Mulder, Executive Director of the UN International Year of Planet Earth, (IYPE) wishes the planet a happy new Year.
"Welcome to 2008 - United Nations' International Year of Planet Earth. IYPE aims to capture people's imagination with exciting knowledge about our planet, and to use that knowledge to make our Earth a safer, healthier and wealthier place."

Earthlearningideas are Earth-related activities giving school children and students all over the world the opportunity to carry out simple activities which will enable them to understand how our planet works. From January 7th we shall be publishing one activity per week so by the end of 2008, you will have a huge bank of ideas with topics ranging from Natural Hazards to Resources and Environment. To view the 5 activities already published click here.
Please send us your comments via this blog or to
info@earthlearningidea.com when you have tried any of the activities with your pupils.

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