Monday, 21 January 2008

Another new Earthlearningidea

We have just published our latest Earthlearningidea - 'Why does soil get washed away?' This is an investigation into why some farmers lose their soil through erosion and others do not. Soil erosion is a normal part of the natural rock cycle, but it can become a major problem in many rural areas where people depend on the land for their livelihood. This activity provides the opportunity to investigate some of the factors involved in limiting soil erosion.

Please send us your thoughts, comments and suggestions.


pepe said...

I performed the demonstration with my kids and we enjoyed it very much. They become very interested in the origin of the names of several rivers when they saw that small particles from the soil colored the water. Names like Colorado (red in Spanish), Yellow, Black, Blue, White, etc. used for rivers all over the world give important information about the soil and rocks being eroded in their sources.
Continue with these activities, they are cheap, amusing and actually become learning experiences.

Anonymous said...

Although the activity is more related to erosion being caused by water, wind can do a hard work on the subject as the text mentions in the Back Up. I suggest showing the students the picture Erosion NÂș2, by the painter Alexandre Hogue (easily available in the web)and invite them to discuss about its meaning. They can also perform an investigation about the Dust Bowl in the web, there are lot of resources about it.

Yi-Shiang said...

This is an experiment which can be very easy understanded.And it can be operated by kid.But I have a suggest for the experiment:We can emit water at 2 box at same time,not emit water one by one.SO that we can control the water emit time,and be sured that water in the box is as same as the other one.