Monday, 9 April 2018

Ice core evidence for climate change

The new ELI+ today is 'How can the ice core evidence for climate change be explained? An educational opportunity for discussing evidence, hypotheses and possible responses'

This activity gives an opportunity to show how a complex scientific topic can be used in the classroom to show how science depends upon evidence and interpretation.
Other ELIs about climate change can be found in 'Teaching strategies' on the website.

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Giulia Realdon said...

While agreeing on the need of stimulating a critical approach to every science issue, I think that the following frase does not give a completely fair picture of current debate among scientists, at least from IPCC reports:
"There is disagreement amongst some scientists over whether increased temperatures are being caused by increased amounts of greenhouse gases or vice versa or even if a third variable might be involved."
Of course the ELI activity is great as usual!