Monday, 13 February 2017

What was it like to be on top of a mountain-building collision?

Today's new ELI is 'The view from above: living tectonism. What was it like to be there – on top of a mountain-building collision?'

A thought experiment asking pupils to imagine what it would have been like on top of a mountain range as it was being formed. This activity helps pupils to visualise the intensity of the Earth processes that cause folding and uplift, and of the intense surface processes that are likely to result – on the high exposed surfaces so formed.
Many more activities about fold mountains and mountain building can be found on the ELI website.

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lyle said...

Actually there is an excellent example of this in Nepal. The recent earthquake shows what is the major effect on natural features: Landslides due to the earthquake. Also likley landslides in major rain events. Deep canyons as well. If you include extension as a mountain building event there are good features to be seen in Nv (near Reno) and Ut (The Wasatch front)