Monday, 12 December 2016

Crochet or knit your own woolly fossils

'Get geo-creative; making your own woolly fossils' is an extension idea for 'What was it like to be there? – bringing a fossil to life'.

                                    Jessica Goddard                                   Laura Hamilton

Using one of the readily available patterns, pupils (and teachers) can crochet or knit their own fossils. They could then try answering the following questions about them:-
- What sort of place was this animal living in?
- What did it breathe?
- What did it eat?
- Was it a hunter? – or hunted? – or both?
- What could it have seen?
- What could it have sensed?
- How did it die? – can we tell?
- What happened after it died?
Lots more ideas related to fossils can be found on our website.

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