Monday, 2 May 2016

Earthlearningidea translations into Slovak and a popular ELI in April

The ELI team is delighted to welcome translations into Slovak thanks to Peter Fararik and the Lepšia geografia (Better geography) project.
Three activities have been translated so far and many more will soon be published.

A popular ELI activity in April was 'Earthquake through the window - what would you see, what would you feel? Asking pupils to picture for themselves what an earthquake through the window might look like'
If an earthquake struck now:
• What would you see through the window/   doorway?
• What would be happening to the ground?
• What would be happening to the buildings and trees?
• What would the people be doing?
• What would it be like inside this building?
• How would you be feeling?
• What would you do? What should you tell your friends to do?
• What might have caused an earthquake like this?
• Can we tell when earthquakes like these are coming?

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