Monday, 30 March 2015

Bouncing back after the Ice Age

Today's new Earthlearningidea activity is 'Isostasy 2; 'bouncing back' after the ice. This idea demonstrates the effects on a continental land mass of a large ice sheet growing and then melting. This ELI can be used in any lessons related to balance in the Earth’s lithosphere and those dealing with glaciation and its after effects.
The photograph above shows “Celsius’ Rock” on the Baltic coast of Sweden, about 175 km north of Stockholm. Anders Celsius marked the mean sea level in 1731, which is now where the man’s hand is holding the 2m tape. Current sea level is now about 2m below Celsius’ mark, indicating a rise of the land at a rate of about 70cm per century. Several former ports on the Baltic coast are now high and dry as a result of the rise of the land – with detrimental outcomes for their economies.
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