Monday, 19 January 2015

Play the evolution game

New ELI today 'How many Beany Beetles? - the evolution game; investigating evolution by adaptation and natural selection'

Pupils can:
• appreciate that, because the green Beany Beetles are better camouflaged than the brown, they will be less likely to be eaten by the birds;
• suggest that by being green, the Beany Beetles have adapted to their environment;
• realise that this adaptation will be inherited by future generations of Beany Beetles;
• appreciate that chance plays a part in evolution. In this game the number one means that a green Beany Beetle is eaten. If the one occurs more times than usual, then the green colour will not be such an advantage;
Following on from the ELI 'How many Great Great Great Great Grandparents? - finding out how we inherit our characteristics' this game provides an introduction to the theory of evolution and is a useful activity for cross-curricular work covering science, geography, literacy, numeracy and art.
Other activities for teaching this topic can be found on our website.

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