Monday, 24 February 2014

What am I made of?

Have you tried this ELI? 'What am I made of; a comparison between the chemistry of the human body and the rest of the Earth'

Introduce the names and main features of the Earth’s four interacting spheres (diagram above):
Discuss the following with the pupils:
(1) These spheres are all made of naturally occurring chemical elements in differing combinations and proportions, but
(2) the essential differences between each of these are due to their different chemical structures:
Interesting events take place at the interfaces between these spheres. They involve changes in chemical structure, usually because of chemical reactions, which move the chemical elements between the spheres. There is a continual cycling of elements through each sphere, a cycling which is essential to the existence of each sphere, especially the atmosphere, hydrosphere and, above all, the biosphere.
(3) The elements mostly occur as compounds combined with other elements, and not as separate elements (as shown in the puzzle and in the Tables which are supplied).
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