Monday, 1 July 2013

ELI has reached 1 million downloads!

The ELI team is celebrating! By the end of June, over one million activities had been downloaded from the website!

Also, we have published a new activity in our soils series today - 'Soil layers puzzle; make your own soil profile and investigate others'.

Pupils are given a jumbled set of seven cards cut from the diagram above. Once they have worked out what an idealised soil profile looks like, they compare it with ones outside or ones shown in photographs. They are encouraged to try to work out why soil profiles differ and what factors are involved in causing those differences.
This is one of over 160 Earth-related teaching ideas which are FREE to download from our website.


Jothi said...

Congrats. your efforts are laudable.

Pepe from Argentina said...

Really a success. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Mike, USA said...