Monday, 28 January 2013

Geological time - sorting out Earth events

The latest Earthlearningidea is 'How long does it take? - quick to very, very, very slow'.  Some Earth processes are dangerously quick – but some are extremely slow. Help your pupils to understand how the rates of Earth processes differ by cutting out the scale and the cards provided, and fitting the cards in the best places on the scale.
This has been devised as a group activity to promote discussion – so the quality of
discussion is likely to be more important than the ‘right ‘answers.
This is one of the activities in our 'Geological time' category which helps pupils to better understand the enormity of geological time.
It is also our 150th activity!


Peter from UK said...

Congratulations on another milestone achieved and big thank you to all the team for generating such an amazing collection of resources. The whole concept is a wonderful example of what can be achieved by incremental efforts; after a period of time, you have established a library of activities the scale of which would have seemed impossible to imagine at the outset.

And I really like the latest idea too!

Chris from UK said...

I really like the discussion type resource based on geologic time, which I think could raise some really interesting questions in children's minds.