Monday, 18 June 2012

Building stones resource

We have just published a major new building stones resource - 'Building Stones 1 - a resource for several Earthlearningidea activities'.  This is a small group activity in the identification of a wide range of rock types, using natural-scale photographs of rocks used as building stones or for ornamental purposes. The sheets of photographs are intended for use as the basis for several further activities. This activity can be used in the classroom or in a town centre. 
Note to our users: the file is 6.6MB. If this is too big for you to download, please contact us and we will send it to you in small sections.


David from Seattle, USA said...

This is a neat activity! If you are interested, I thought you might like to take a gander at my web site and my blog. I am the author of a book about building stone called Stories in Stone and my blog looks at a wide variety of building stone stories, some from my book and many from other sources.

Chris, Earthlearningidea team said...

How building stones can turn you on!
Try looking at David's blog at to see how building stones can excite and interest a wide range of people.