Monday, 18 July 2011

Predicting volcanic eruptions

'Take a 'Chance' on the volcano erupting' is our latest Earth Learning Idea. In this activity, pupils measure the force required to burst a  party popper and use this as an analogy for the prediction of  volcanic eruptions. A series of possible events in  the build up of a volcanic eruption is given on  'Chance' cards. These are selected at random and the instructions given on the card should be followed  until the party popper 'erupts'. Through this activity, pupils will discover many of the factors which are associated  with the build up to a volcanic eruption. These  include seismic activity, changes in gas  emissions, swelling of the volcano's surface, and  minor eruptions of tephra (solid particles of  congealed lava, in the form of ash or larger  fragments).
This is one of many ELI activities associated with volcanic eruptions. Try the related ideas which will be shown on the home page for the next two weeks.


Dr. R. Shankar, Mangalore University, India said...

Had a look. Fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic activity. It is such fun to use party poppers and Chance cards for volcanic eruption prediction. What I really like is that the activity is for those from 8 - 80! I also like the fact that all the ELI activities are able to be used by all children with very basic equipment in their schools all over the world. Wow! You are doing such a great job in earth-related teaching.