Thursday, 26 May 2011

ELI in Argentina

José Sellés Martínez - of the Dept. of Geology of the University of Buenos Aires recently presented some Earth Learning Ideas at a Science Fair for teachers. He says that considering this has been a "shaking" year for the Earth, he selected all activities related to earthquakes and tsunamis. The photograph shows him demonstrating the 'Brickquake'.
He said that one of the most successful activities he tried was "human molecules" because he did not alert the teachers about what was going to happen. When he pushed the last person in the line, the wave propagation took them completely unaware! They laughed a lot, but they will never forget what "a pressure wave" means. He adds that they also had a good discussion about the power and limitations of models. It was a very successful session.
Note: José Sellés Martínez (Pepe) is responsible for the translation of ELIs into Spanish. Thank you Pepe!

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