Monday, 10 January 2011

Rocks to eat?

Have you tried this Earthlearningidea - 'Rocks to eat; how we get the elements we need to stay healthy'? We are alive and like other living things, we need many chemical elements in order to be healthy. These elements come from minerals in the soil. How might these elements reach us and other living things? The activity begins with a discussion about food. The pupils know that they have to eat to stay alive.
- Explain that food gives both the energy and the elements they need to stay healthy,
- if they eat meat, then the elements come fromanimals, which in turn, eat plants
- plants get the elements from minerals in the soil,
- soil gets the minerals from the rocks beneath,
- so the elements in minerals in rocks go into the soil, are taken up by plants, are eaten by animals and are then eaten by us in either the plants or the meat we eat.
This is one of many activities in our Resources and Environment category.

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