Monday, 28 December 2009

Quarry through the window

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Many people don‘t realise that, to build our buildings, to construct transport links and to make dams and reservoirs, we have to extract millions of tonnes of material from the ground — and that this comes from quarries. Most people would not like a quarry in their 'backyard‘, but quarries have to be sited where the materials are found underground, and not too far from where they are needed, because it is very expensive to transport bulk materials like quarry products for long distances. So, some rock, sand and gravel quarries and clay pits have to be sited near towns and cities. If they are sited near towns and cities, because of the strict planning regulations in many countries today, not only would the quarry be hidden by screens when the quarry was in action, but it would be landscaped afterwards and often would be used later as an amenity by local people (water park, golf course, etc.) or for waste disposal.
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