Monday, 31 August 2009

Sequencing the events that form rock

'Laying down the principles' is all about sequencing the events that form rocks using stratigraphic principles. This Earthlearningidea gives you a simple way to demonstrate complex ideas. Your pupils will soon understand 'Superposition of Strata', 'Original Horizontality', 'Lateral Continuity', 'Included fragments' and Cross-cutting Relationships'. You can also demonstrate Rock deformation' and 'Faunal Succession'. These principles are the fundamental methods used by geoscientists to sequence rocks and rock events.


Jenny said...

Very amazing piece of devise, can you provide me where to purchase them? My students would love them not to mention improving my lectures.

Earthlearningidea team said...

Thank you Jenny. The list of things you need to carry out this activity is in the Resource list on page 2. You need a transparent container (e.g. glass jar, large drinking glass), some sand of different colours, a ruler, a spoon and some water. Of course you can download and print the pdf which you will find on the Earthlearningidea website. Please contact us by email (address on righthand side of blog) if you have any further queries.
Good luck!