Friday, 15 May 2009

Asked to log-in? You do not need to do so!

We are very sorry if you have tried to access earlier Earthlearningideas through this blog and have been asked to log-in to PBworks before you can gain access. Since November 2008, we have not used PBwiki to host our website and you do not need to log-in to PBworks to access anything on our site.
The problem was that activities and videos mentioned in blog posts before November 2008 were linked to the PBwiki Earthlearningidea website. We have checked all the links on the blog from the first post on 6th May 2007 and all should now go straight to our current Earthlearningidea website.
Our remit at the beginning of the project was that everyone everywhere should have access to our activities without having to pay, subscribe or log-in to anything.
We hope we have solved the problem but please let us know if you are still asked to log-in to access something. You don't need to log-in - just go straight to the website.

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