Monday, 13 April 2009

Imagine yourself there when the rock formed

Have you tried 'What was it like to be there - in the rocky world?' This activity brings the formation of solid rock to life. Your pupils have to imagine that they were there when the rock formed. Ask them these trigger questions -
- could you stand up?
- what would you need to survive?
- what might you see?
- what might you hear?
- what might you taste, smell?
- what might you sense?
- what might you be feeling - scared? - happy? - amazed?
We have received a reader's comments and suggestions about this activity - click here to read what she says. Do send us some of your pupils' work. They will never find rocks boring again!
We should appreciate teachers' suggestions about any of our activities. The list of activities published so far can be seen under 'Keywords' on our website.

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