Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tsunami through the window in Portugal

Many thanks to the pupils of the Father Francisco Soares School in Portugal who wrote about seeing a tsunami through the window. Their accounts are imaginative and vivid and show that the pupils understand the devastation, fear and panic caused by such a natural hazard. Click here to read them on the website.

The Earthlearningidea team is especially pleased as this sort of work is what we hoped would happen when we devised our project. The original activity may be downloaded from our website in English or Spanish.

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ciouciou said...

The phenomenon of tsunami is very easy to observe, but not so simple to explain , this involves mechanics wave in physics.
Must is it explain by mechanics wave why can rise so at the coast to come?
Why is that very much difficult to observe tsunami in the ocean ?
Why will the sea water of the coast back out when tsunami come?
Why is tsunami so fast ?
These do not understand or explain easily to lower grade pupil .
Is it can put into some flash assist to propose.