Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Video Clips on Earthlearningidea - Quake Shake

In order to bring Earthlearningideas to life we'll be using video footage of some of the activities to show you what to expect. We've produced a video to accompany the sample activity, 'Quake shake - will my home collapse?' Click here to watch the video.


Paul said...

This is excellent. I would not like to live in the block of flats on the right during an earthquake. This makes me want to find out the difference between the two buikdings.
Keep the videos coming!

Thomas McGuire, Cave Creek, AZ said...

This is a very nice demonstration.

Can it be changed into an active student event. For example, student groups could have a contest to design tremor resistent structures followed by a "quake-off" to discover "the last man (structure) standing."

Of course, the materials and parameters would need to be very specific and tight.

Remember that the most important part of education is not theteacher, it's hwo students respond or even more what they do.

Anonymous said...

I give you nice swf video to see. This video demonstrate the liquefaction in more understandable way.


Sorry in Japanese. What you need is just click "play" button.